Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Trews are famous!!!

Sadly, no, I'm not talking about myself.
Not yet anyway.
I'm talking about this band I just found called The Trews.
The Trews.
Is that awesome or what?
It's awesome.
I like to think they named themselves after me. And, I guess, the rest of my relatives. Anyway, here is where you can listen to their stuff, and here is a conversation I had with my sister about them:

Jacki: Hey d'you know there is this band called The Trews? And it's spelled the same way as our last name!
Catherine: Ha. That's pretty cool
Jacki: I know, right! Go listen to them. I just downloaded the whole album. Illegally though, so shh don't tell anyone*. But it's good
Catherine: What kind of music?
Jacki: Rock
Catherine: I don't really like rock
Jacki: Well then you suck. I'm annoyed though - that's totally was I was going to name my band!
Catherine: Really?
Jacki: Of course not. I'm going to name my band The Toasts. Everyone knows that.

Haha. The Toasts. Performing soon at a wedding, high school formal or 14th birthday party near you!

*Oh woops. I just told everyone.
Oh well.

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