Friday, May 08, 2009

The Celebrity Doppel-Ganger Theory strikes back!

Today I learned a little known fact:

There are at least 7 other people in the world who look exactly like you

They might be a different height or weight or nationality or whatever, but still. Their face = your face.
Do you believe it? Can you believe it??
Do you know what this means?? The Celebrity Doppel-Ganger Theory* is back baby! It is BACK!
Ok, back might be the incorrect term to use, since we all know it never really left. What I really mean to say is, um, SUCKS TO ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DEEMED THE CDGT (that's Celebrity Doppel-Ganger Theory in future-winner-of-the-Nobel-Peace-Prize talk) STUPID AND IMPOSSIBLE.

Ok but more importantly, do you know what else this means?
THERE ARE SEVEN OTHER ME'S OUT THERE! So of course I have made it my mission to gather us all together and take photos and start a circus, since nothing says 'freak show' quite like multiple copies of Jacki Trew.
Am I right?
I'm right.
Whatever. The point is, if you look like this:Call me.
Oh, you know who else can call me? Anyone who looks like this:

  • Catherine Trew/Tina Arena
  • Daniel Watterson/Ronan Keating
  • Ben Jackson/Jason Segel
  • That Lady That Catches My Bus/Kirstie Clements

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