Friday, May 29, 2009

Chocolate/Mint flavoured water? No. I don't think so.

Oh, my gosh, only 2 blogs in the past fortnight.
What can I say? Nothing that interesting has happened for a while...UNTIL THIS THURSDAY, THAT IS!!!
Because guess what happened?
Guess. Guess!
Did you guess?
First try and everything. I am so proud. And now I have another chauffeur! Haha. Don't worry Madi, I'm only kidding.
Or am I?
Haha, yes, I am.
Or am I?
Yes. Yes I am.
No I'm not.
Haha, ok, enough.
So here, Madi, sweetie, honey, cookie, love of my life - here is a photo of the P-Plate Cake I've been promising to make you when you got your P's:

Ok, so obviously that isn't a photo of the P-Plate Cake. I tried to find a picture of one, but Google Images didn't have any P-Plate cakes, they only had License Plate cakes. I chose the man-one license plate because it made me laugh the most.
I mean.
What possible reason could someone have to put the words "Man One" on a cake?

Here's something else that happened this week: I went to Senso Metrics.
You know, the consumer testing place? You go and eat samples of a new kind of food, and write down what you think about it, and they give you $40? Yeah, it's awesome. Well usually it is. Except guess what I was testing?
Yeah, water.
Ok, it was flavoured water. But not a good flavour - it was mint flavour.
Like, different kinds of mint.
OrangeMint, LemonMint, SpearMint, PepperMint, and - wait for it. Wait for it. Are you waiting? Oh, you know what, it doesn't even matter, because no amount of waiting will prepare you for what I'm about to say - CHOCOLATEMINT.
Whose idea was it to create chocolate/mint flavoured water?
I don't know.
But whoever it was, they better run. Because I'm coming for them.


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