Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So, maybe this is your first time at www.jackiiscrazy.blogspot.com, or maybe you just haven't been listening. Either way - if that's the case, you won't know much about this little lady:

(Don't worry, that cat had given it's full consent before the picture was taken). The lady in question is Catherine Elizabeth Trew, aka My Older Sister. Or to be more specific, My Older Sister who happens to be turning 22 later this month. And while I could have gone the traditional route and gotten her a book or a DVD or an 'I Heart Big Sister' charm for her Pandora bracelet, I decided on a birthday present that's much more meaningful: a 3-part blog in which I expose all her secrets and post photos of her dancing naked on our back veranda.
I'm kidding about the secrets and the naked thing of course, but the blog will be real. And almost semi-amusing. And I will more likely than not recieve a punch in the face for writing it. But since there's more to Catherine Trew than just the 20-something-year-old who hates broccoli and likes reading non-fiction and has a weirdly sexual relationship with our pet cat, I feel compelled to tell her story. Or at least, a small portion of it.

Coming soon!

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