Tuesday, May 20, 2008

scene: catherine and I are watching that episode of Friends where Monica doesn't want to choose between Rachel and Phoebe to be her maid of honour so she makes them choose who it should be.

jacki: can I be your maid of honour?
catherine: I dont know
jacki: well I dont know if you'll be my maid of honour, but you can definitely be one of the bridesmaids
catherine: ok, cool
jacki: (pause) So..so can I..?
catherine: (laughing) you're pathetic
jacki: oh come on! who else are you going to have?
catherine: (offended) hey!
jacki: (trying to backtrack) no, no I didnt mean it like that, I just meant...I'm just curious!
catherine: yeah, sure.

this conversation actually came in handy during the rest of the day. for example:

when catherine was baking a cake, and she was trying to melt chocolate on the stove and stir the icing at the same time...
catherine: jacki! jacki, help, the chocolate is going to burn, can you stir it for me please?
jacki: sure I'll stir it - IF I CAN BE YOUR MAID OF HONOUR

when i was making a sandwich for lunch...
catherine: ooh, that looks really yummy, can you make me one?
jacki: sure, I'll make you one - IF I CAN BE YOUR MAID OF HONOUR

when catherine was looking for some entertainment for the afternoon...
catherine: jacki, can I watch your Bones DVD?
jacki: sure, you can watch it - IF I CAN -
catherine: oh forget it

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