Saturday, May 31, 2008

roseville girls are so articulate

have you ever played the boardgame Articulate?

long story short: teams of 2 or more. there is a word on a card (it might be a person, a place, an object, an action or just something random), and you have to describe it to your other teammates without saying what it starts with, what it rhymes with, how many letters are in it etc etc etc.
for example, if the word was 'Tree' you would be like
  • A tall thing that has leaves on it!
  • Bird make their nests in it!
  • It has branches and a trunk!

Anyway you get like 30 seconds to describe as many words as you can to your team (and have them correctly guess the word).

Sounds easy, right?
This is what happens when Vandy plays Articulate:

The Word is 'Shrimp Cocktail'
Its like, ummm, like a kind of drink? Like a kind of cocktail!!
Gemma: Cosmopolitan?
Lauren: Like a martini?
Casey: No, its like not a drink
Jacki: What?

The Word is 'Maiden'
Ok, its like the female version of a man!
Jacki: You know how there is like the female version of a servant? And they clean your room?!
Lauren: MAID!!
Jacki: Yes!! So its like maid plus a little bit more!
Gemma: Maitradee?
Lauren: Maident?
Jacki: LIKE MAIDENT but a little less!!!
Lauren: Maid?
Kiera (who isnt even on our team): oh COME ON

The Word is 'Ivory Coast'
Ok two words, the second part is like where water meets land kind of
Jacki: Beach! Horizon!
Gemma: Coast?
Han: Yes! Yes, coast! Ok, first part is like a plant that grows up a wall kind of, its like..
Jacki: A WEED!
Han: No its like a vine kind of..And like its what elephant tusks are made out of..
Jacki: Ivory!
Han: Yeah so put them together
Gemma: Ivory Coast!!
Han: Yes! We rock!
Kiera: Yeah but Han, ivory isnt a plant.

The Word is 'Great Wall of China'
Ok its like this big stone thing that goes through the middle of an Asian country...
Jacki: GONG!!!
Kiera: What? No, its like..
Mel: Great Wall of China!!
Kiera: Yes. What the hell Jacki?

ok so maybe its not Roseville girls who suck at Articulate, maybe its just me

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Anonymous said...

i want to play - it can be me and cat vs you (and i was going to say julia but shes not here) so you have to find yourself another friend.
i finish exams on the 20th so after then! haha - fun.