Sunday, June 17, 2007

why greys anatomy is infuriating

so what the hell with Greys Anatomy SOS??
i mean, seriously
you're really going to drag it out over THREE weeks??
you really think thats going to work?
i mean at least Greys Anatomy Code Black only took one episode
yes it was terrible, the plot line stank, and nobody for the life of them could figure out why they actually called it Greys Anatomy Code Black, but it only took one week!
one! and the next week we were back to regular, awesome, absolutely-filled-to-the-brim sexual tension Greys Anatomy
but Greys Anatomy SOS, ohhh no, no, no, its FAR to good to view in one simple 1-hour episode, so we have to stretch it out over at least three weeks
three weeks? are they CRAZY???
i mean sure, at first, the whole boat-on-fire-meredith-is-looking-after-some-cute-little-blonde-kid-and-issy-has-a-chance-to-redeem-her-probation-sentance-meanwhile-christina-and-burke-are-engaged-can-you-believe-it! thing really caught my attention, but enough is enough!

i mean.
meredith? to drown or not to drown?
thank goodness for youtube, and the fact that america sees every episode before us, is all i have to say, because i dont think i can wait seven whole days to find out whether or not that skinny bitch dies

its true. the hsc really does make people bitter and twisted

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