Sunday, June 17, 2007

thoughts i have when im supposed to be thinking about the hsc #1

you know, it really baffles me when people sign into msn on a mobile device
you know when it says "so and so has signed into msn on a mobile device'
how exactly does that work?
do they speak into their fone and the words come up onto your computer screen?
and how do they talk to more than one person at a time?
and how do they actually sign into msn? is there a mobile number you call? do you have to have the internet on your mobile? do you have to download msn onto your mobile?
you know i actually dont care im just avoiding ancient history

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jimi da grouch.. said...

yes u have the internet and MSN on your phone and u have to type in the words using the phone keypad. It is a looong laborious task and give me a keyboard anyday and if u press the wrong button by mistake which isnt hard it shuts off the internet and then u have to start all over again...I dont do it personally but I know somebody who does...he is angry a lot of the time...