Saturday, June 09, 2007

i fail ancient

basically the only thing i learnt which was even remotely related to schoolwork today was that for the last two years ive been spelling tuthankamen wrong.

so i decided to compile a list of the many varied (and completely useless) things i actually DID learn today:
  • the tuthankamen thing.
  • its hard to balance a laptop on your lap in the car, drink a bottle of coke and write your history extension major work at the same time.
  • watching your dog attempt to lick an icecube off the floor can result in hours of entertainment.
  • its probably not a good idea to lick the knife clean. especially when its a steak knife.
  • nailpolish doesn't taste good.
  • no matter how hard you concentrate, you wont be able to change the channel with your mind. get up and find the remote.
  • its best to ignore the collosal amount of hair at the bottom of the shower.
  • wentworth miller doesnt have a myspace.
  • the most intensely painful feeling in the world is getting nailpolish remover in your eye.
  • freddie prince jr looks terrible with blonde hair
  • i have the attention span of a foetus

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