Sunday, June 03, 2007

ok so i forgot to blog about it BUT on wednesday night i made probably the biggest but most entertaining mistake of my life, which was introducing my mother to prison break.
and it went something like this:

mum: whats this?
jacki: shhh! its prison break
mum: you shhh!
jacki: im the one thats watching!
mum: no you're not
jacki: yes i am!
mum: why do you even like this show
jacki: wentworth miller
mum: whats wentworth miller?
jacki: (points to screen) thats wentworth miller
mum: (mistaking wentworth for some old guy) what? why?
jacki: no not him
mum: then who?
jacki: ill point when he comes on
mum: ok. so whats happening now?
jacki: cant you just watch?
mum: no
jacki: why?
mum: because i want to annoy you
jacki: when did you become this???
mum: become what?
mum: huh?
jacki: (sees wentworth on the screen and points) there! thats him!
mum: oh i get it
jacki: get what
mum: get why you watch this show (smiling)
jacki: ok im going to pretend you didnt say that

and it basically went on like that for the next 40 minutes, with my mum pointing and/or laughing everytime wentworth miller came onto the screen. so ive come to the conclusion that she is never ever under any circumstance ever allowed to watch prison break with me ever again


the stalker said...

just be grateful that yer mum doesnt have alzheimers...yet....

Beth said...

haha more like you became ur mum.. :P