Monday, June 26, 2006

Why Shanny Rocks My World

why The Emshaz rocks Jackis world

  • She teaches modern
  • She's the youngest teacher in the school
  • She keeps the presents we make for her
  • She does all the performing arts crap
  • Shes the newbie
  • She can tap dance
  • She likes michael jackson
  • She likes High School Musical
  • She watches the Disney Channel
  • She came to vandi this one time
  • She can do the moonwalk
  • She laughs at our lame jokes
  • She tells us to shut up
  • She lets us call her Shanny and Emshaz and Shazza and Emmy and Em and ShizShaz and Shazhole and Shizhole and many other nicknames
  • She went in dancing with the staff
  • She tries to get angry but it just looks funny
  • She has msn
  • She talks to us about Timmy and Lukey
  • She looks like Yancy
  • She tries to pretend she doesnt think she looks like Yancy
  • Shes nice to all her brothers and sisters
  • She tells us cool stories about her family and cuba and jury duty and crap
  • She takes our suggestions, like the one Beth gave her about making a blog, and the one I gave her about watching Dirty Dancing
  • Shes easy to stalk
  • She gets jealous when I try to stalk other people
  • She has a matrix coat
  • She knows shes cool
  • She helped me pick a modern topic to study
  • She reads my blog

and the number one reason why Shanny rocks my world...?

  • She finally admitted I rock her world too


Anonymous said...

You rock my world Jacki!

Jacki said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jacki said...

by the way that last post was from me saying "that last post was from emshaz."
but then she told me that it wasnt her but she deleted it
but it was her.
so here i am, writing another post about how the first comment was from her

morto said...

yeah it was from emshaz saying that you don't rock her world Jacki. BUt don't worry Jacki - i love you!

Jacki said...

what? jess you are so out of it.
she said i do rock her world. gosh