Saturday, June 24, 2006

top 10

Jackis top ten embarassing moments (so far)

10. That time everyone found out I owned the book by paris hilton and the book by nicole richie

9. That time I corrected someone for saying the word impossible ("actually, its umpossible. impossible isnt a word")

8. That time someone told me that space was 3D and i replied "which space?"

7. That time my netball skirt fell off in the middle of a game

6. That time my mum found me dancing to leo sayer in our living room

5. That time my skirt blew up in the westfield carpark and i didnt notice so i kept walking

4. That time Mel dacked me when we were riding in the back of Sair's dad's ute

3. That time my pants got caught on the side of a dumpster and I ripped a huge hole in the ass, then I had to catch the bus home

2. That time my cozi fell off during swimming lessons in year 2

1. That time i was in the middle of a rendition of the dance scene by tom cruise in Risky Business after just having got out of the shower when i realised our bay windows were open and my neighbours were all staring at me.

(next top 10: classic home and away plotlines)


Janey said...

its funny, because half of those have something to do with either pants or skirts being ripped, dacked, fell or blew off :P

Jacki said...

well what can i say?
i like to be pantless

Kat said...

why are you so NAKED?!

Jacki said...

feels good. you know it.

Beth said...

i think no. 9 should be no 2. that was waaaaayy funny :P