Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Greenwich...?

similar to what i did about a year ago, when Beth n Mel n crap were trying to name their band and i came up with a whole list of names that everyone thought were stupid and i thought were brilliant.

except this time its our netball team whose been trying to think of a name for like the past 7 years (ever since Julia named us "the greenwich geckos" and everyones been trying to think of a better one but a)they cant and b)julia refuses to let go of the gecko era)
so obviously i came up with some of my own.
  • the greenwich gnomes
  • the greenwich sandwiches
  • the greenwich g-strings
  • the greenwich full briefs
  • the greenwich men
  • the greenwich munches
  • the greenwich pats
  • the greenwich g-units
  • the greenwich hangnails
  • the greenwich chucks
  • the greenwich sloths
  • the greenwich shanahans


Beth said...

the sweet greenwhich shanny yancy dicks

Jacki said...

"greenwich sucks donkey dicks"