Tuesday, July 31, 2007

procrastination was totally worth it

so rather than studying ancient last night (which, looking back, was probably what i should have been doing, but what're you gonna do?), i decided to sit down with catherine and mum and watch the final of big brother.
i know what you're thinking.
big brother? jacki, thats low, even for you.
i know! im sorry! but anyone who's anyone knows that i have the most addictive personality in the world, and i cant watch or eat or listen to anything without becoming instantly addicted to it. so big brother is a big problem for me. its not that i want to watch it. i cant stop!

anyway, turns out it was totally worth probably failing ancient for, on account of the fact that i just happened to tune in at the exact same moment that someone from the crowd decided to hurl a gold object (which looked suspiciously like a stiletto heel) at gretel killeens head.

oh. oh.
see this is why i love live tv. and big brother. in no other circumstance would i be able to drown the sorrow and pain of trials in the fact that I JUST SAW GRETEL KILLEEN GET HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A GOLD SHOE. classic.
and you have to love the talented camera men, who switched angles and started filming the irish DJ just as miss killeen opened her mouth to crack a giant shit at whoever threw the high heel.
you know what all of a sudden i dont feel so bad for watching big brother.
funny how that worked out.


Beth said...

haha yeah i woulda liked to see that too! but im sure it'll be on you tube soon :P

Beth said...

haha and sure enough, i just went onto youtube and found it straight away! :P so amusing.

so now i got to see her getting hit in the head (the funny bit) without having to endure the pain of watching anymore than 8 seconds of big brother.


so ha!

*is victorious*