Thursday, July 12, 2007

a life lesson for all you boys and girls

so basically, its 2.38 on thursday morning, and im starting to regret that...lets ad it all up...4 and a half litres of coke that i just drank

i guess they werent lying when they said that coke has caffiene in it
although come to think about it cant think why they would lie
maybe im thinking that they werent lying when they said that it kept you awake at night?
because i never really believed that until now
you know
the whole dont-drink-coke-or-coffee-because-you-will-be-awake-for-all-eternity thing
i thought that was a myth, like bigfoot, or non-incestual home and away plotlines.

well i guess not!!
so what did i do today. or rather, yesterday, seeings as it is now today, and 'today' is now yesterday. new day. old day. yesterday?
what the.
so what did i do? oh yes lets see. i slaved for several hours over a dt major work which i now hate, and which alistair will probably refuse to model for me, so, naturally, i will have to rip his face off.
actually i probably wont seeings as then i would have to exert effort, which (as you should all know by now) i really dont enjoy doing.
what else. julia got her ps. truly awesome. now i have more than one person to chauferre me. or however you spell that. anyway im really quite on my way to recruiting an army of people who can drive me around, and beginning to think that getting my l's was a bit of a waste. i mean why would i drive myself when other people could drive me? anyway even though i havent actually driven yet im pretty sure, based on that time i drove the bumper cars at Luna Park, that im going to be a sucky driver.
so really im doing the world a service by being too lazy to drive and forcing other people to drive me around.

i also saw harry potter. a very high point in the day, seeings as harry potter is pretty much the most awesome thing that has ever happened to our generation and all. yep. it was pretty cool. pretty pretty cool. and julia and i drove (well, julia drove, i was driven), and got lost twice and it was the pinacle of my existance.
when i got home i had a long shower and watched americas next top model on plus 2.
and i cannot believe that baby Tyra got out. i mean seriously Tyra. i love you. i love you enough to watch the true hollywood story on you. i love you enough to myspace stalk you. but that was just wrong. just wrong. if i werent so lazy, id do something about it.
but im lazy
so hooray for Tyra!
anyway then i got ready for the moment, the one ive been waiting for, for, oh i dont know, practically my whole life, that is, the season finale of prison break.
which, by the way, was probably the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me.
the annoying thing is that when i talk about prison break, nobody knows what im talking about, because they dont watch it, so i cant explain how good it is.
and even the people who DO watch it dont understand what im talking about because i talk more about my upcoming wedding to wentworth miller than the actual plotlines.
where was i?
oh yeah. after prison break, the realisation that im not going to see another new prison break episode for at least 4 months set in, and i proceeded to drown my sorrows in 4.5 litres of diet coke and 3 more episodes of prison break on dvd.
so thats where my problems started i guess.
now im sitting here, blogging about how i cant get to sleep, listening to ministry of sound REALLY loudly (which probably isnt helping the not-being-able-to-get-to-sleep-thing, but there you go), and arranging then re-arranging my myspace layout one dillion times, yet still hating it.

no more prison break
whats a girl to do (apart from stalk wentworth miller over the internet, watch season 2 over and over again, and enter as many prison break-related competitions as she can find)

so the life lesson i hear you all asking?
dont drink coke before bedtime
and if you do, make sure theres somebody around
to check that you keep all your clothes on

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