Wednesday, July 18, 2007

back to school

a little delayed im afraid, but a fairly average back-to-school so far, though not so interesting. probably the highpoints were the announcement of a year 12/teacher 'it takes two' (as opposed to dancing with the staff), the mad rush to finish dt/art major works (strangely entertaining seeings as i no longer care), and the addition of rather flamboyant pair of fluorescent pink boots to miss shanahans wardrobe.

the only negative thing is that im still running on my holiday sleeping/eating pattern, which basically consisted of eating whenever i wanted, and sleeping whenever i wanted (usually between 4 in the morning and 230 in the afternoon)
so there i was at 1am on tuesday morning, 5 hours before i would have to get up and go to school, standing in the freezing kitchen cooking myself dinner, trying to ignore the constant calls of 'jacki shut UP!' coming from my parents bedroom.
i am so unappreciated.
on a more positive note, in a mere 10 hours, i will be free from the hideousness that is my major work!!

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