Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i mean, when you really think about it, there is no point in english.
no point at all.
when you do french, what do you do? you learn how to speak french.
when you do german, what do you do? you learn how to speak german.
when you do japanese, what do you do? well, if you're me, then you fail. but for everybody else, you LEARN HOW TO SPEAK JAPANESE!

i know how to speak english. i know how to read english. i do english good.
so why do i need to know the ways in which the values from some mouldy old jane austen story from twenty thousand years ago are translated into a semi-modern society through the use of characterisation and symbols and whatever other crap it says in the handout.
i weep. english sucks. it wouldnt suck so much if the texts we did were actually half-decent, but as it is, they arent. they suck. and not just the regular kind of suck. the suckiest kind of suck.
and its not like i havent tried to improve the situation. oh no. i sat at my computer for no less than 5 hours on sunday attempting to bend an episode of prison break towards the 'power play' elective. Then after patting myself on the back for doing "a whole 5 hours of study!" i realised id been doing less actual studying and more actual drooling over wentworth miller. again.
ah, such is life.

i would blog more, but laziness, as per usual, has got the better of me.


Anonymous said...

i bet beth will comment this and attack you for not liking english

Jacki said...

ew haha

Tim said...

I couldn't agree more...

It doesn't help that our english teacher was born without a personality...poor man, talk about a terrible disability for a teacher to have. I'll never forget his undeniably accurate statement when studying the history/memory elective (he said this quite seriously, as if enlightening us to some new philosophical theory)...

"I believe that history, gentlemen...represents...the past"

and once again, english hits the metaphorical nail on the head.


Beth said...

haha well tim we could totally start a debate on "what is history?" (which is what we learn in extension history.. jacki too :P)

does history really represent the past?

maybe not..

baahaa i die.