Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I still haven't gotten over how cool my new house is.  I know this is a tad pathetic, and I don't care.  I spent a good 45 minutes at this family lunch I went to last Sunday talking about how much I love our bathroom.  I'm pretty sure no one was listening, but I babbled away nonetheless.  If that doesn't say 'I know I'm pathetic and I don't care', I'm not really sure what does.  I think having such a great apartment has improved my self-esteem.

FYI, the roommate situation is going great.  I love Alex.  Even calling her a 'roommate' feels weird.  She's really more like my wife.  Or is she my husband?  It's hard to say because she has all the qualities of a functional married couple:
  • She can cook
  • She cleans
  • She has an amazing wardrobe
  • She put together our dining room chairs
All conveniently combined into one amazing person.  As a roommate, I'm not exactly sure what I bring to the table: I had a go at putting together one of the dining room chairs myself, and it didn't go well.  When I realised I'd attached the whole seat back-to-front I just gave up and made a plate of shortbread in an act of consolation.  Yes, I am the kind of person who thinks homemade biscuits will make up for the fact that one of our guests will have to eat dinner on the floor.  Thank God Alex agreed to move in with me; when she eventually gets married and leaves, I will be alone forever.

On a related note...Now that I've moved out, I no longer have the constant luxury of being able to use my parent's 5000-year-old computer.  Eventually I hope to make a million dollars by mass-marketing The Clean Underwear Vending Machine (which I am convinced is an idea that was stolen out of my brain by someone in Japan), but until then you'll have to survive on one or two blogs a week.  My parents are enjoying an empty house for the first time in 22 years, and until I can afford my own computer, I have to sneak over in the afternoons and use theirs.  They pretend they're happy to see me, but I think it's starting to annoy them:

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