Sunday, December 28, 2008

when idiots argue

jacki: (walks into Catherine's bedroom at midnight with laptop in hand) So. It's midnight, I'm bored, I figured we'd have a comparty
catherine: Alright, I'll just get my -
jacki: Thats right, comparty. I mixed the words computer and party together. See how I did, see how I came up with that?
catherine: (sighs) Yes. I get it. And for the third time, please stop explaining all your jokes to me.
jacki: I just want to make sure you know how funny I am.
catherine: Whatever. So let the "comparty" begin.

(10 minutes of absolute silence, the only noise being our fingers on the keyboards)

jacki: So...I'm probably going to go. Good talk though.
catherine: Well you weren't talking either!!

(Silence continues. Is broken when I make a clicking sound with my earring)

jacki: Ow
catherine: (Makes a face)
jacki: Did you hear that? (Dramatically) It was the bones in my ear shattering!!
catherine: You dont have bones in your ears.
jacki: You have cartilage.
catherine: Yes.
jacki: Yes.
catherine: But you said bone.
jacki: Well I meant cartilage.
catherine: Well how was I supposed to know that?!
jacki: I'm telling you right now.
catherine: Well you didn't tell me before.
jacki: (Tiring of the argument) Well thank goodness you corrected me.
catherine: Thankyou.
jacki: For..?
catherine: Admitting you're an idiot.
jacki: You're an idiot aswell sometimes!
catherine: Oh yeah, like when?
jacki: Like the other day, when you were telling me about those ATM robbers, who blow up ATMs and take all the money?
catherine: Yeah? And?
jacki: And you said they had stolen over 5 million dollars worth of money?
catherine: (Pauses) Yeah? So?
jacki: 5 million dollars worth of money? Its not 5 million dollars worth of money! Its 5 million dollars...END OF SENTENCE!!
catherine: Oh yeah, that was kind of stupid

(both laugh)
hahaha. we suck.

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