Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kenneth Street

Ok one of the most annoying - MOST ANNOYING - things in the world to me is the fact that I am constantly stopped while walking around Longueville, by people who need directions to Kenneth Street.
Hmm. Alright, that was a lie. It's not really one of the MOST ANNOYING things in the world to me. I mean, top 100 for sure. But thats it. I just wanted to get your attention with capitals.
Anyway. Its true. Literally EVERY (again, not 100% true, but I think the capitals thing works) time I go for a walk, I get stopped by someone who cant find Kenneth Street.
Which really wouldnt be so annoying except that HELLO, its the BIGGEST street in Longueville.
Also the weird thing is that when I go for walks, I walk below Kenneth.
So you would think that, to get to where I am, people would have had to walk down the very street they are looking for.
What is this phenomonen? Do people not look at street signs anymore? Am I the only one who does that? It is totally 2007 to read street signs?
Or is everyone that lives outside of Longueville a complete moron?
Or is Kenneth Street actually part of a secret alternate universe, and the only people allowed in are the Longueville natives?
So apparently if you dont live in Longueville, Kenneth Street is invisible.
Or, you know, part of some alternate universe.
Sigh. Whatever.

Oh, also, on a completely unrelated note, there is apparently some serial killer out there named Scott Peterson.
I dont know about you guys, but thats a little too close to Gilmore Girls' actor Scott Patterson for my liking.
I mean.
Peter. Patter. COME ON!!!
Basically what I'm saying is that Luke is a murderer.
Mmm. Yep.

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