Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jacki's Rate of 08 (Get it? It rhymes!)

In 2008…
Something I Can’t Believe I did:
Kept blogging
Something I Regret:
My job choice
Something I Did That I’d Do Again:
Got a tattoo
Something I Did That I’ll Never Do Again:
Spend $3000 in 4 minutes
Something I Discovered I Love:
Something I Realise I Hate:
Folding clothes for a living
Something I Finally Accomplished:
Getting on TV
Something I Wish I’d Accomplished:
Meeting Wentworth Miller

In 2008, My Favourite…
· Song was: Midnight Train by Journey
· Food was: Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream
· TV Show was: Prison Break
· Singer was: Michael Jackson
· Movie was: Dirty Dancing
· Colour was: Yellow
· Drink was: Orange Juice and Coke mixed together
· Phrase was: ‘Disco Fabulous!’
· Day was: Wednesday
· Book was: Persuasion by Jane Austen
· City was: Seattle
· Smell was: MaDame by Jean Paul Gaultier

In 2008, The Best New…
· Song was: Talk Like That by The Presets
· Book was: The Twilight Series (sorry Kiera)
· Movie was: Tropic Thunder
· Thing I Bought was: $4 sunglasses from New York
· Internet Feature was: Facebook Chat

In 2008, The Worst New…
· Song was: Any of Britney’s new ones
· Book was: The Guiness Book of World Records, because it’s in 3D now, so every time I turn the page there’s some huge spider coming right at me
· Movie was: 10,000 BC (according to the Hirst family – I’m yet to experience it)
· Thing I Bought was: A bottle of Chinotto…wait maybe that was in 2007…whatever, it was so bad it’ll be the answer to this question for the rest of my life
· Internet Feature was: Um…Oh I know! The fact that nobody goes on MSN anymore…while, ironically, is probably because of my favourite new internet feature (Facebook Chat)

In 2008, I Had The Best Time…
In Seattle

In 2008, My Guilty Pleasure Was…
Shopping and Gossip Girl

In 2008, The Best Thing I Saw On YouTube Was…


5 Things I Did For The First Time In 2008…
· Went to Europe
· Had stitches
· Got a tattoo
· Dyed my own hair
· Lived with 5 boys

5 Things I Saw For The First Time In 2008…
· Tyra Banks – LIVE!!
· Times Square
· The movie ‘Whisper’
· Bones and Booth finally hooking up
· A ‘guy playing a guy, pretending to be another guy’

The 2008 Awesome List
· Prison Break Season 4
· The Presets
· Mousaka
· Seattle
· Those gladiator sandals that everyone is obsessed with
· My computer deciding to work again
· Home and Away being on YouTube
· Having money to spend
· Vandy
· A summer that actually feels like summer
· The Rachel Zoe Project

The 2008 Not-So Awesome List:
· The thong tan I had last summer
· Ham
· Ric Dolby’s hair
· Having a job
· Paris Hilton coming to Sydney for New Year’s
· That sorry excuse for The Rosevillian
· My dog becoming increasingly more senile

And summing up…
The Best Thing I Did In 2008 Was…
Re-enacting that scene in 10 Things I Hate About You where Heath Ledger sings ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ to Julia Stiles – On the very same stadium stairs where the movie was filmed.

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