Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bicuyni (bih-qwee-nee)

Oh, man.
I can't believe I didn't blog about this as soon as I got home today.
Ok, so most people know, I like to make jokes.
Like, not tell jokes. Make jokes. As in, I make up my own jokes.
Most of the time they're pretty terrible - I mean, I always laugh, but since I'm the kind of person who laughs at pretty much anything, that's not saying much.

Like once every ten years, I'll come up with something - and, you know, I don't want to oversell this, but - something so INCREDIBLY, TRULY AND UNDENIABLY AWESOME that I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I had just stolen it from someone who is actually funny.
But I kid you not...This was all me:

(At the beach)
Megan: Did you get that bikini overseas?
Jacki: Nope, got it here.
Julia: Yeah I got mine in Sydney too.
Jacki: I didn't buy any cozzies overseas! I mean I looked for some, but I couldn't find any.
Julia: The bikini's in Peru were so feral.
Jacki: Where they made out of fur?
Julia: (To Megan) I mean they were just really hideous, like styles from the late 90's that nobody wears anymore. (Looks at Jacki like she is a moron - I mean, in a loving way, but still) No, they weren't made out of fur.
Jacki: Haha, are you sure?
Megan: Yeah, they weren't made out of animals?
Julia: Yeah, actually they were, it was so hot.
Jacki: Animal hide bikinis?
Julia: (Laughing) Yeah, they make them out of guinea pigs

(This is where the genius occurred - see, I happened to remember that in Peru, a guinea pig is called a 'cuy', which is pronounced like 'qwee'. So Julia said they made bikinis out of guinea pigs, and I said...)

Jacki: So...They were bicuynis????

Yeah. Thats right.
I'll be here til saturday.

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