Monday, March 26, 2007


ok i am officially curious
who ARE you?
besides being the only person on the planet who could possibly be more stalkerish than me (ill take you on buddy), where did you come from??

its like one day, you just appeared, fully formed, from underneath a moist stone.
enlighten us
or at least me
i dont know if anyone else is high enough to read this crap


jimi said...

Spawned from without under Incan shadows..soaked from within and torn between warmth of love and the cold stone dampness...still I wait..sniffing the air...the scent!.....I must have it!...before time destroys al so..back to the wait again

jimi said...

a small balding bearded dwarf...scaling skin who would like to absorb some of your energy is a cyber vampiristic fashion (which in some ways I already have done)..over 40 years your senior and with the baser desires still prevalent towards moisture absorbtion and such..sworn to protect those I desire and serve...fear not...but exude as u will....

Jacki said...

wow im freaked out!

jimi said...

well dont be please..I am an old batchelor living in a dingy apartment somewhere in Brizzy..if u are lucky u might see me on Channel 9 tonight as I witnessed the Rebel clubhouse fire last night and gave an interview to channel 9 this morning..I also captured the blaze on my phone camera..they might show that and they might not..but either way I am harmless and I just enjoyed my first and accidental encounter with your blog..I liked the wood bizzo and the stalker and have a good life ok?..and yes u are very pretty :)

special gem said...

ummmmmmmm..............wat the hell? who talks like that??