Thursday, November 09, 2006

have i found my stalker?

had to walk home again this afternoon, which was the first time ive done so since the initial mauling of my leg because of my stalker, who we dont actually know the identity of
except that
we might maybe may know it now!

after that post i wrote about the stalker stalking me and causing me to maul my own leg, i got a comment from some guy named Jimi, who said that he randomly discovered my blog and now comes here and reads it every day
every day
no one reads my blog every day! even my alter-egos dont read my blog every day!
also, "Jimi" says that he thinks "im probably wrong about the stalker thing, but maybe not"
you know what this means dont you?
and you know what else that means?
that means Jimi is probably reading this right now, and going either:
a) Finally she figured it out; or
b) I feel so violated

but still.
is this the end of the seemingly endless quest to find my stalker, or should the journey continue, until everyone in the world becomes so freaked out about me accusing them of stalking me that i retreat to that wood in Wrong Turn, or some equally isolated area?


jimi said...

um...not actually violated..and dont read it every day but if it makes you feel better I suppose that just in coming here I am technically cyber stalking you...but please remember that if this is the case..I swear to protect you from all harm if I can by hunting down and destroying any real stalkers in a cyber way...phew...

Anonymous said...

i am your stalker.
jimi could never love you as much as i do.

Jacki said...

oh anon
who are you